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"Dana is a gifted healer. She combines intuitive ability with many years of training and experience. Her myofascial technique is very effective. I go to her when I am in trouble with my body - from either physical or emotional stresses - and I always walk away greatly relieved. She's a very special resource."

Lewis B.


"I count Dana as one of the very important health professionals assisting me in living a full and happy life!. She has worked with me on my body for many years. I sought her out at the beginning of her career and experienced her developing interest and current expertise in Myofascial Release. She has worked wonders in addressing my chronic back pain and shoulder injuries from a bicycle accident. After a treatment with Dana I stand straighter and can feel the effects of being “worked over" by her treatments for days.  She is a learner; she continues to work directly with experts in the field, learning new applications and techniques."

Ben D.


"Dana has worked very gently and gradually with me to release the fascia that was locking my bones into hurtful positions. I've been very lucky!! I discovered her as a therapist for severe scoliosis about eight years ago. My spine curves strongly forward at the top and to the right at the base, and as I was growing older it was becoming more and more painful. My Dad was bent over at a 45 degree angle when he died and I don't want that to happen to me. When I began seeing Dana I could only turn my head partially to the left or right and I couldn't stand up straight. I imagine that my fascia is similar to a nylon stocking just below my skin. It expands or contracts in areas of injury, depending on how the skeleton is out of alignment. As the fascia is released the bones and muscles return to their normal positions. I'm delighted that today I look like I'm standing straight from the front and my left side, and I have only a slight curve forward in my right shoulder. Plus, I can turn my head fully to the right and left. I am thrilled and so grateful to have found such a skilled therapist."

Diane O.


"Working with Dana, I've learned to sense the mind-body connection in some of my tension and locate and release unconscious holding of bodily tension. Dana is an extremely skilled, intuitive body worker. I am an avid cyclist and semi-competitive tennis player. This has led to regular back, knee, and shoulder issues. I was surprised to experience the psychological connection to our work together, and for lack of a better term, you could call it "spiritual." Dana was very helpful in giving me stretches to do outside of our work together and instrumental in teaching me to tap into and relate with my body in and out of sessions. She is very committed to her work, has a deep understanding of the body anatomically and energetically, and is a pleasure to work with."

Andy S.


"I can become vulnerable in the incredibly safe container Dana Fonte creates. She is a wise and compassionate master of her work. I have used therapist weekly for twenty years and feel blessed to have had Dana as my journey-mate for three years. She always invites me to relax and let go and go deeper, even if it takes time for me to get her invitations and healing actions-in-my-body. No matter how intensely I explored my body, I was never sore during or after."

Jim P.


"I had surgery for breast cancer (cystosarcoma phyllodes), and then subsequent problems with healing when the wound reopened. The doctor gave me a series of exercises to help me regain mobility in my left arm. This was difficult for me, and for eight or nine months I had the following physical problems which interfered with my normal activities: limited mobility including difficulty moving my arm, problems sleeping, increasing pain, and the breast that was operated on was very sensitive to any type of pressure. In a visit I made to Berkeley, I was fortunate to receive several myofascial treatments with Dana. The results were incredible! After this extended time of having limited mobility and discomfort, I regained full range of motion in my arm, and the pain on my left side subsided. It seems to me that all women who have this kind of surgery should have access to this treatment post-operatively to facilitate their healing process. It is gentle, "organic", and entrains pathways to normal functioning."

Guadelupe U.


"Dana helped me in just a few sessions, even though my Enlish is limited and I could not help her by sharing my feeling for her work. I visit the U.S. every year now, from my home in France. On my first visit in 2007, I experienced extreme sciatica pain.  Her great knowledge of the body and its complexity, her undeniable experience, and her intuition, allowed me to be able to make my flight back to France. During our silent sessions, she was able to connect my body with my mind, bringing out the awareness of an old mental trauma. My body re-lived what I knew intellectually. This will remain the most important stage of my life: this openness and this “spiritual” awareness helped me cope with cancer in the following months. So, during my second visit, again with her well-targeted care, Dana helped me regain my arm mobility, contradicting the surgeon who had told me I would never regain full motion. She has also undoubtedly helped me keep my immune system up during this difficult period of my life. Today I can say I am in excellent health and in spite of this, I never fail to strengthen my body with Dana’s care during each of my trips here in Berkeley. Dana loves her work and I am deeply grateful for that."

Josette G.


"Dana is my weekly or monthly physical therapy wellness destination. She uses a combination of craniosacral and myofascial release techniques to intuit what my body needs at any given time. Her sessions are long and slow, giving me time to connect with my own healing process. After years of chiropractor and acupuncture treatments that helped some, but were definitely administered “to me,” I’m grateful to have found Dana. She is a partner in my personal physical healing, and that touches on emotional and developmental planes as well."

Jan C.


"Whenever there is any strain in my body I go see Dana; and leave with the tension released and the strain gone. Once, after a severe accident where I ended up in a neck brace, she worked on me intensively. My physician was surprised how quickly my neck and my arm recovered. She understands how the body works. She listens to what I’m experiencing in my body and works with me in a skillful way."

Verona F.

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