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Before Treatment

I would like you to get as much out of your myofascial release or craniosacral therapy sessions as possible. Following is a list of treatment suggestions. It may be helpful to read this before your treatment. Please wear comfortable loose-fitting shorts, underwear, swimsuit and/or a bra. This is important so that I can evaluate your body’s symmetry before the treatment. Also, please do not use lotion on your body the day of your treatment. By following any or all of the suggestions, we can become better partners in this work together and your response to each treatment will be maximized.


• Bring awareness to your body before, during, and after the treatment. Notice what catches your attention easily, with very little effort. You may use sensation as a guide, feeling for heat, tingling, shaking, tension, aching, and dull or sharp pain, among other feelings in the body. Share discoveries with me to help inform current and future treatments.


• Breathe into areas of pain or the area being treated. Explore feeling all sensations even more deeply, even the unpleasant ones. Focus your awareness on the sensations through feeling, not thought. Allow the area to feel like it is melting, spreading, flowing or sinking. At the same time, scan your whole body to feel the connections with other areas. Allow these areas to soften like butter melting or taffy spreading. Imagine more space opening up in these areas. Provide feedback to me as we work together.


• Your body may feel the urge to move during treatment. Fascia is like a three-dimensional web. It is not linear, so releases will not be linear. Allow any spontaneous motion to occur. As your therapist, I am there to safely support you.


• Emotions can be a natural response during treatment. Images or memories may also float into your awareness. Be willing to feel and allow any emotions that may arise during or after treatment. Allow yourself to feel without judgment. Feel the feeling but do not become the emotion. Witness it and allow it so that it can release.


• I may ask you questions during your treatment. You always have the option to not answer. When answering, allow the response to come from the perspective of your feeling body rather than from your thinking head. You do not need to have an understanding of your response.


• Listen to the messages you give yourself in everyday life. Become aware of negative, judgmental or fearful messages and notice how your body responds. Explore providing yourself with positive, loving, supportive messages. Does this feel different in your body?


• Pain is a signal. Consider listening to your pain with curiosity and kindness and allowing it to be your teacher.



After Treatment

Myofascial Release addresses restrictions within the facial system (connective tissue) of the body. The effect continues to occur after you get up off of the treatment table. Your fascial system will continue to change and release for hours after the treatment. This is normal. Continue to pay attention to how your body is feeling. You may feel exhilarated and energized, calm and quiet, exhausted, moody and emotional, or relaxed in your body. Listen to your body and flow with whatever comes up. Be gentle with yourself.

Most people feel a difference immediately. Some may feel sore or temporarily stirred up. You may get worse before you get better. As restrictions are released, your body may be shifting its alignment, so you may feel soreness in unfamiliar areas. This may be your body’s way asking for more attention, as the deeper layers of restriction are uncovered. Gently stretch these areas. In most cases, soreness will dissipate within a couple of days and then you will feel freer within your body. Drink lots of water after a treatment. It is important to re-hydrate and flush toxins out.

Healing is a process, not an event. I will provide you with information about myofascial stretching so that you can treat yourself at home, or you may choose to get follow-up treatment.


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